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Physical Development

I can’t believe we made it

2 min. clip on why we should let kids be kids.

The Teen Brain

4:30 min. video by Dr. Ken C. Winters educates viewers on the vulnerability of the adolescent brain.

How Exercise can Transform our Schools

10 min. TED Talk by Dr. John Ratey psychiatrist, professor and author on the benefits of exercise on attention and learning.

Exercise Makes Kids Smarter

2 min. news clip profiling improved student performance and behavior with daily exercise.

Media and Young Children

16 min. TED Talk by pediatric researcher Dimitri Christakis on impact of technology on early child development.

Effects of Video Games on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

37 min. video on Jane Pauley Show with Dr. David Walsh and gaming addict, including physical monitoring of a gamer (at 4:30 min).

Nature Exposure

Love Thy Nature

2:26 min film trailer by Sylvie Rokab, narrated by Liam Nielsen details how far we have gone away from Mother Nature, and how to get back.

Nature Rx Part 1

1:32 clip set in the world of a spoofed prescription drug commercial, Nature Rx offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors – two timeless Rx’s for whatever ails you.

Nature Rx Part 2: Discover your dose of nature

1:37 clip Nature Rx Part 2 continues the outdoor spoof fun with more disclaimer jokes and hilarious side-effects.

Love Thy Nature

3:40 video by Trip Jennings on impact of technology on child development with research quotes by AMA and AAP.

Play Again

2:30 min. film trailer on what happens when we remove children from nature.

Building Family

The Beginning of Life

96 min. documentary depicting the importance of early attachment; available on Netflix.

The mask that you live in

110 min documentary exploring masculinity, a must see for all boys and men; available on Netflix.

Just Breathe

3:41 min. video to help kids deal with emotions.

The Other Letter

2:40 commercial by Ikea illustrating children expressing their preference for parents over devices.

All the time in the world

3 min. film trailer by Susan Cocker on combating building family purpose and cooperation.

Ten Steps Triple P: Positive Parenting Program

1.5 hr. review of Triple P: Positive Parenting Program by Alberta Family Service on techniques and strategies with 10 step plan to improve

Gordon Neufeld on What Makes a Bully

1 hour 9 min. video by Gordon Neufeld, developmental psychologist discussing the bully syndrome in order to understand how bullies are made and unmade at the KMT Child Development and Community conference in Toronto.

TVO Screen time

30 min. podcast presented by Antica Productions and TVO. Hosts Taylor Owen and Nicole Edwards talked to parents and their children about navigating the digital world, helping us understand its impact.

Wi-Fi Radiation

Wireless Technology Safety

1.5 hour presentation by Dr. Martin Pall with Cece Doucete about the dangers for wireless technology June 20, 2017

Biological Justifications for Reducing Paediatric EMF Exposures

30 min. video of Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, Founder of Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment and Trustee Radiation Research Trust speaking at Oct. 9, 2018 UK Childhood Cancer Conference on wireless radiation and childhood disease.

A Message to Schools about Wireless

2:57 min. video discussing wireless in schools and the concerns about safety and undermining of learning at the deepest physiological levels.

Wireless Radiation Warning - Bill C648

2:30 min. video of Ontario MP Terrance Young presenting bill to Canadian parliament calling for Wi-Fi product warning.

Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014

1 hour 10 min. video. Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe highlights the health concerns regarding use of radiofrequency (Group 2b Carcinogen) communication devices in this concise summary.

The Science of Exposure - Wireless Radiation

7:25 min. video. Three science and medical professionals explain how the brain of a developing baby may be affected during pregnancy by exposure to wireless radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless devices.

Dr. Magda Havas on wireless radiation

Dr. Magda Havas on wireless radiation 7:30 min. film on wireless radiation; what is it, how to detect it, and what to do about it.


2 min. film trailer of documentary on the harmful effects of wireless radiation from cell phones.

Generation Zapped

You can license it here for a private viewing for just a couple dollars; schools and libraries can license it too; this would be a natural companion to Screenagers for PTOs to sponsor.

Acoustimeter Home Demonstration with Cece Doucette

A 23 min video on how to use Wi-Fi radiation meter.

Technology Addiction

Infant Kid Crying for Mobile

2 min. video clip showing the origins of early addiction to devices.

China Web Junkies

7 min. documentary by New York Times about a Chinese boot-camp-style treatment center for young men “addicted” to the Internet.

No Time to Think

5 min. film trailer for documentary that explores our obsessions and addictions to devices.

Life 2.0

A 2:30 min. film trailer on adults addicted to Second Life.

Kids on Tech

2 min. trailer about how parents struggle to keep their children away from the excessive use of technology and how to navigate in this online world.

Video Games and Aggression

Why internet gaming disorder is real

3 min. clip by Dr. Andrew Doan, MD, PhD.

Kids' Brains, Video Games, and Brain Development – Dr. Andrew Doan

22 min. presentation on the addictive quality of video games.

Violent Video Games and Child/Youth Aggression

9 min. interview with Dr. Andrew Doan on Taylor Baldwin Show regarding impact of violent video games on child and youth aggression

Is Minecraft Good for Your Child or is Gaming Causing Conflict?

1 hour video by Dr. Andrew Doan and Melanie Hempe regarding children and video games.

Real Strike

6 min. clip of man using app that turns tablets into guns.


6 min. video by SOS Parents showing frontal lobe atrophy in children who use violent video games.

This is SERIOUS: the industry’s evil is out of control.

45 min video about game industry.

Child Mental Illness

Look Up

5 min. video/poem by Gary Turk profiling the downside of social media.

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard

2 min. clip on an innovative device to improve human connection.

Still Face Experiment

3 min. video depicting a baby’s experience when Mom is expressionless, like when she’s on her phone.

The Innovation of Loneliness

4:30 video by Shimi Cohen illustrates loneliness so beautifully, you will need to tell someone.

Autistic Like – Graham’s Story

2:43 film trailer of young boy diagnosed with autism, who didn’t have autism. Virtual Autism

France Child Development Clinic

22 min. talk by Dr. Ducanda and Dr. Terrasse on the screens’ danger for children aged 0 to 4 years old.

Public Service Announcement

2 min. video on autism recovery claims in Romania. A doctor describes her approach.

Autism and Digital Screens

43 min. Lori Frome, M.Ed. PowerPoint presentation.

Psychotropic Medication

In the Same Room

3 min. song about stopping the use of psychotropic medication.

War on Kids – Pharmaceutical Drugs

18 min. film where professionals describe the harmful effects of dangerous psychotropic drugs being forced on children in the public schools and how wrong this practice is.

Drugging Kids – Side Effects

2 min. statistics on prevalent use of psychotropic medication.

Generation Rx

3:30 min. film trailer of movie about the consequences of over medication of today’s children and youth.


Rewiring our Brains

60 min. interview with Nicholas Carr author of “The Glass Cage” on use of educational technology in school settings.


2 min. video of sensory, motor, and attachment rich program Cris Rowan developed in a small community which services children ages 0-12 years.

Gym Rocks

2 min. video of core strength, motor coordination, and energy outlets for teens Cris Rowan developed, which could be in a home garage, school classroom, or community based setting.

Computers 'do not improve' pupil results

2:30 minute video from BBC – Investing heavily in school computers and classroom technology does not improve pupils’ performance, says a global study from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

How to Escape Education’s Death Valley

20 min. TED Talk by Dr. Ken Robinson on 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish — and how current education culture works against them.

War on Kids

3 min. film trailer shows how schools have failed in their mission to provide education by denying the most basic civil rights to youth.

Race to Nowhere

2 min. film trailer profiling how pushing students and teachers to the brink, is not a good thing.

Schools Are Banning Cell Phones In The Classroom.

Cell phones were banned in schools for the first time in France, China, Serbia, and the United States after finding they are distracting and problematic.

Screen Strong

YouTube channel – Smart Parenting in Today’s Digital World.


Brain Heart World presented by Fight The New Drug

A three part documentary on the harmful effects of pornography.

The Great Porn Experiment – Gary Wilson

16 min. TED Talk asking whether our brains evolved to handle the hyperstimulation of today’s Internet enticements and discusses the disturbing symptoms showing up in some heavy Internet users (erectile dysfunction), the surprising reversal of those symptoms, and the science behind these 21st century phenomena.

The Demise of Guys – Phil Zombardo

5 min. TED Talk sharing some stats (lower graduation rates, greater worries about intimacy and relationships) and suggests a few reasons — fear of intimacy from porn overuse – and challenges the TED community to think about solutions.

“Pink Meth - The Evolution Of Sextortion Part 1 - Deep Web Documentary.” and “Pink Meth - The Evolution Of Sextortion Part 2 - Deep Web Documentary”.

Sextortion is a worldwide problem, with people of all ages being blackmailed online, with many taking their own lives as a result. Predators lurking in the deep web gather information in order to destroy lives for financial or personal gain. This series will look at pink meth and how it spawned an entire genre of online hate and abuse, as well as how it grew from a revenge porn to a global business.

Sexual Networking

What’s Your End Game – Winning in the Digital Age – Dr. Andrew Doan, Julie Doan RN, and Opel Singleton with Million Kids

1:35 hr profiling the connection between digital media (social/sexual networking, video games, pornography, and Trafficking in Persons.

Why I Stopped Watching Porn – Ran Gavreili

16 min. TED Talk on how to build a positive self-image in a world inundated by sexual imagery with negative connotations.

The Fight Against Sex Slavery – Sunitha Krishnan

12 min. TED Talk about rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimilion-dollar global market.

Dark Net

The Darkest Net: Episode 1 With Ron Swanson

2:30 hrs podcast on Dark Net.

The Darkest Net: Episode 2 With Ron Swanson

3 hrs podcast on Dark Net.

The Darkest Net: Episode 3 With Ron Swanson

2 hrs podcast on Dark Net.