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Problem gaming leading to aggression, school refusal and self-harm.

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Children facing SPIKE in gambling problems through playing video games.

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"World lost a good person": Manitoba parents warn of global sextortion targeting teenage boys.

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How intervening early on the 'pathway to violence' could help prevent mass shootings.

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How's your province or territory helping students recover from pandemic schooling? Here's what they told us.

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Pandemic Tie to Vision Issues Seen in Chinese Kids’ Study.


Schools with no cell phone policy.

A spreadsheet with a list of schools in USA.

Reported biological effects from radio frequency radiation at low-intensity exposure (cell tower, Wi-Fi, wireless laptop and 'smart' meter RF intensities).
Pages 1-11.

Bioinitiative Working Group, 2014.

CSAM users in the dark web. Protecting children through prevention.

Redirection survey report by Insoll T, Ovaska A, and Vaaranen-Valkonen N. To subscribe go to Suojellaan Lapsia website.


Dealing with problem gambling
webinar series 2022.
Free live webinars.

Target audience: mental health professionals including psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, substance abuse counselors, pastoral counselors, school counselors, as well as clergy, school administrators, recreational therapists, peer support specialists and all those interested in learning about problem gambling.​


Parenting in the Social Age Infographic produced by Hilary Smith to help parents understand current trends, age restrictions, and the parental controls available to protect our highly connected teens.

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