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As a society, are we in danger of raising a generation of children disrupted by the overuse of technology? We've all seen it by now - children in restaurants staring at a tablet for the entire meal, or a parent handing their phone to a crying toddler in their stroller. It can be easy to judge the adults who make these choices, but are they really as bad as some say they are? Through interviews with experts in the fields of neuroscience, occupational therapy, addiction, psychology, and sociology, we uncover the reality behind fears about the effects of screen time on children. The film elucidates how time spent using technology specifically impacts children's behaviors, and offers insight into how guardians can curb it's influence while equipping children to develop healthy relationships with technology.

Occupational therapist and biologist Cris Rowan says cellphones are hurting brain development, and echoes B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon's calls to ban the devices in schools.

Is cellphone use in B.C. classrooms failing our kids?

Are cellphone bans in schools a good idea? Experts weigh in.

The Silent Epidemic Eating Away Americans’ Minds.

Amy Bell takes a look at how screentime is impacting kids, and how we can manage it at home and at school.

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Melanie and Cris discuss four critical foundational factors for a child's growth, how screens are stunting our kids' growth, as well as screen solutions for home and school.