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Child Development Webinars – Addressing the effects of technology on child development

The following Child Development Webinars address a growing concern regarding the impact of advancing technology on developing neurological systems, and profiles the science behind the need for all human beings to move, touch, connect and create. The webinars describe The Triple Disconnect, from self, others and nature, and the subsequent impact on workplace and school productivity. All of the Child Development Webinars offer a variety of innovative, practical tools and techniques to improve mental, physical and social well being, and achieve optimal productivity.

Child Development Webinars are designed to be introductory level for therapists, intermediate for teachers and advanced for parents, child care workers and teaching assistants. Child Development Webinars course content includes the following AOTA Classification Codes for Continuing Education Activities: performance skills, areas of occupation, evaluation, intervention and outcomes.

Six Child Development Webinars for Education and Health Professionals – 3 hour duration

Sensory ProcessingHarnessing Energy Sensory Tools and Techniques for Responsible Learning

Motor Development Back to Basics Printing – The Forgotten Foundation for Literacy

Attachment and Addictions A Cracked Foundation How Virtual Parenting is Destroying Children

Technology BalanceMixed Signals Connection to Technology is Disconnecting Child Development and Learning

Attention and LearningWhy Can’t Children Sit Still? Using movement and nature to enhance attention and learning

Successful SchoolsDiminishing Returns Increasing Profits in the Classroom


Webinar PDFDurationCostBuy Now
Sensory ProcessingHarnessing Energy3 hours$99Add
Motor Development Back to Basics3 hours$99Add
Attachment and Addictions A Cracked Foundation3 hours$99Add
Technology BalanceMixed Signals3 hours$99Add
Attention and LearningWhy Can’t Children Sit Still?3 hours$99Add
Successful SchoolsDiminishing Returns3 hours$99Add
All 6 Child Development Webinar Recordings18 hours$499Add