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Cris Rowan is an occupational therapist, biologist, international speaker and author of Virtual Child book. For the past 35 years, Cris has worked with children, teens, parents, teachers, employees, employers and clinicians in a variety of settings including homes, workplaces, daycares/preschools, schools, clinics, child development centres and rehabilitation hospitals. Over 25 years ago Cris began to identify disorders in her clients associated with screen overuse, which launched her into a new field she termed Balanced Technology Management. 350 workshops later Cris converted her workshops into a series of webinars. Reconnect Webinars is the culmination of Cris’s experience as an occupational therapist, researcher and parent and points the way beyond the screen, out of the virtual into the real.

Child Development Series – educators and clinicians
Technology Management Series – Teens, parents, teachers and clinicians
Ergonomic Series – employees and employers in the health, general labor and office sectors

Child Development Series – sensory, motor and attachment foundations for enhancing child development, behaviour and learning. Improved student engagement and academic performance with use of movement, touch, human connection and nature initiatives.

Technology Management Series – technology usage rates and expert recommendations. Screen impact research in five domains: physical, social, emotional, mental and cognitive. Managing balance between 4 critical factors for child growth and success with healthy activity initiatives.

Ergonomic Series – strain injury identification, treatment and prevention. Use of 4 ergonomic principles: position, pace, plan, prioritize to redesign worker and workplace for enhanced productivity. Includes mental health, stretching, fitness, entertainment-based screen reduction and team building initiatives.

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Upon purchase you will receive a username and password, as well as the PP pdf and handouts; this link is good for one year.

Child Development Series – children with sensory overload, motor delays, screen addictions, attachment disorders and poor fitness from sedentary lifestyles are rapidly becoming the norm, creating a host of new and complex issues in school-based settings. Understanding the foundations for optimizing sensory, motor and attachment development, provides educators and clinicians with useful information to advance forward with innovative and effective tools and strategies to optimize ability to learn and achieve grade level literacy. Reconnect Webinars – Child Development Series provides timely, research evidenced and strategy focused strategies to give children the edge they need to succeed.

Technology Management Series – our children have never been sicker due to screen overuse. Isolated, neglected, overstimulated and sedentary, the new millennium child struggles to survive. 1 in 3 children enter school developmentally delayed, 1 in 4 are obese or overweight, 1 in 2 are sleep deprived, 1 in 5 have a diagnosed mental illness and 1 in 11 are addicted. Perils associated with screen overuse go largely unrecognized by education and health professionals, limiting their ability to act in the best interests of children. Reconnect Webinars – Technology Management Series profiles the 10 red flags for quantifying children with screen overuse problems and helps educators, clinicians and policy makers determine a trajectory of research evidenced and strategy focused interventions for home, school and community settings.

Ergonomic Series – workers and employers are navigating the post-covid era with little knowledge regarding the impact of entertainment technologies on worker mental/physical health and productivity. Workers are using on average 1 hour per day of social media, video games, porn, You Tube etc. while they are supposed to be working, and on average using ~ 12 hours per day entertainment-based screens at home. Sleep deprived, unmotivated, socially phobic, physically unfit, mentally ill, distracted and unable to learn create significant declines in worker productivity. Reconnect Webinars – Ergonomic Series provides timely, research evidenced and strategy focused strategies to give workers the edge they need to succeed.

All of the webinars have Approved Provider Status for Continued Education Unit (CEU) provision.

The Technology Management series 3-day course offers certification in Balanced Technology Management (BTM). What that means is that you are qualified to facilitate Technology Management initiatives in your school district, health office, social services department, etc.

BTM initiatives are vast and could include better playgrounds, free recreation passes, Tech Bans in schools or clinics, longer recesses, Tech Unplugs etc.

BTM certification also qualifies recipient to provide educational information contained in the Tech Tool Kit to students, parents, teachers and clinicians.

BTM certification for teachers provides necessary training to supervise the teen Screenbuster program where teens take the Reconnect Webinar 5-hour, free training online and then go into classrooms for 15 minutes every week to talk to kids about Screens.

The BTM certification logo would go under your name on your email contact, letterhead, correspondence, brochures etc.

Reconnect Webinars plans to have one BTM certified adult for every school, health unit, any government department that provides assistance to children and families etc.

The ways in which we are raising and educating children with screens is not sustainable. The time to act is now. Join the Reconnect Webinars Balanced Technology Management team and advocate for children’s rights to be healthy, happy and able to learn.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions at crowan@reconnectwebinars.com.

Child Development Series – AOTA Approved Provider Status Certificate of Completion is provided upon completion of 6 webinars.

Technology Management Series – Certificate of Completion is provided upon completion of full 10 modules (AOTA APP application is underway).

Ergonomic Series – Certificate of Completion is provided upon completion of each webinar (AOTA APP application is underway).