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For Clinicians — Screening for Screens

Routine technology screening assessments can improve child and youth mental and physical health.

The Problem

Children and youth increasingly present to clinicians with delays in physical, social, emotional, mental and cognitive performance. To ensure accurate assessment and treatment of child disorders and prevent misdiagnosis, clinicians could routinely perform mandatory ‘screenings for screens’.

As health professionals, clinicians are primary key educators for both parents and teachers regarding detrimental effects of screen overuse. The 3-day Technology Management webinar for clinicians is specifically designed to provide research referenced and strategy focused tools and techniques to help kids manage balance between screens and healthy activities. Upon course completion, clinicians receive CEU’s and Balanced Technology Management (BTM) certification to become informed change leaders wherever they practice.

Be the first clinician in your community to launch BTM initiatives ensuring sustainable futures for all children.

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For Clinicians — Screening for Screens

Who should buy and watch Webinar?

Principals, teachers, administrators, special education teachers, counsellors, school psychologists, social workers and clinicians (includes pediatric occupational and physical therapists and speech and language pathologists).  Reconnect Webinars are designed to be introductory level for principals, teachers and administrators, intermediate for counsellors, school psychologists and social workers and advanced for clinicians.

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AOTA-Approved Provider Program

Reconnect Webinars is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development approval #6106.

This webinar is offered at 26 CEUs at introductory education level for OT service delivery and foundational knowledge categories.

Complete the 3-day course and receive certification in
Balanced Technology Management.

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What's Included?

Module 1 — Introduction, Statistics and Expert Guidelines

The ways in which we are raising and educating children with screens are no longer sustainable

  • Child harms/child rights
  • Tech trends: past -> present
  • Pre/post covid screen usage stats
  • Pediatrician expert guidelines
  • Tech Management webinar review

2 hrs. – FREE

Module 2 — 4 Critical Factors for Child Development

Create sustainable futures – give kids the edge they need to grow and succeed

  • Move: fit, coordinated, literate
  • Touch: relaxed, secure
  • Human Connection: social, regulated
  • Nature: calm, focused

Guest speakers include Phyllis Dyson – teacher, author, trauma specialist and Dr. Kerry Crofton – psychologist, author, nature advocate.

2.5 hours for $100

Module 3 — Physical Development Research

All screen use is detrimental to healthy child development, behavior and learning


  • Brain/body development
  • Screen impact research areas:
    • Obesity/diabetes
    • Developmental delay
    • Hyperarousal
    • Myopia
    • Sleep deprivation
    • Melatonin, vitamin D
    • Eating disorders

2 hrs for $100

Module 4 — Wireless Radiation Research

Not proven safe, early studies show harm

  • Experimental, epidemiological and cancer studies
  • Global initiatives; precautionary principle
  • Reduction methods

Guest speakers include Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust and Katie Singer, environmental journalist and author.

2.5 hrs. for $100

Module 5 — Social Development Research

Humans don’t do well when separated from their pack.

  • Social media isn’t social
  • Violent video games
  • Early pornography
  • Polarity, hate, radicalization

Guest speakers include Jean Rogers, educator and Director of the Children’s Screen time Action Network; Dr. Douglas Gentile, psychologist, professor, researcher, author and Mary Sharpe, lawyer and CEO of The Reward Foundation – Love, Sex and the Internet.

4 hrs for $100

Module 6 — Emotional Development Research

 =Tech crack – sad, mad and finally bad

  • Problem behaviours
  • Identity, motivation, independence
  • Challenge and risk
  • Self-regulation
  • Aggression, violence, cyberbullying

3.5 hrs. for $100

Module 7 — Mental Development Research

What we do/watch is who we become

  • Parent-child attachment, mental health
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences research
  • Screen media and mental illness
  • Unplug – don’t drug; misdiagnosis/medication
  • Adhd, autism, internet addiction
  • Data privacy, security, persuasive design

Guest speaker includes Dr. Hilarie Cash, psychologist, author, Chief Clinical Director of reSTART Internet Addiction Centre.

3.5 hrs. for $100

Module 8 — Cognitive Development Research

Were using a lot of something we know little about

  • Educational trends, creativity crisis, Covid impact
  • Screen impact research areas:
    • declining literacy
    • cognitive impairment
    • multitasking stress
    • attention deficit
    • poor productivity
  • Considerations for screens in school
  • Tech illusion — We’re using an awful lot of something we know very little about

Guest speaker includes Joe Clements, teacher, coach, advocate, author.

2 hrs for $100

Module 11 —Balanced Technology Management for Clinicians

Prevent misdiagnosis with mandatory clinician screening for screens.

  • Assessments – problem severity
  • Intervention trajectory
  • Education – 10 steps toward media health
  • 4 BTM Best Standards of Practice for clinicians:
    • More movement and nature
    • No cell phones < 12 yrs
    • No screens in clinic or school until grade 3
    • Do no harm – ensure safe and effective therapy tech
  • Screenbuster peer program for teens
  • Establish screen management policy for clinic setting

Guest speaker includes Frank Clegg, CEO Canadians for Safe Technology.

4 hrs for $100

Module 12 — Tech Tool Kit Review; Conclusion

Application of 42 BTM tools and techniques

  • 8 signature graphics
  • 9 screen usage assessments
  • 9 BTM techniques
  • 9 BTM tools for parents
  • 7 BTM tools for educators and clinicians
  • Conclusion and final thoughts

1.5 hrs for FREE

Developmental delay, obesity, sleep deprivation, mental illness, aggression, defiance, social phobia, poor communication, attention deficit and learning difficulties are all associated with screen overuse yet are often misdiagnosed by clinicians as physical and mental illness. Research clearly documents correlation between screen overuse with physical, mental, social and learning impairments yet clinicians rarely assess for nor recommend screen reduction initiatives. Children and youth with screen overuse and addictions are being diagnosed and often medicated by clinicians for problematic behaviors and mental illnesses that have their origins in childhood trauma, abuse and neglect. The child is never the problem but rather are the health, education and social systems which surround the child. Social media and video game overuse has resulted in brain changes contributing to rising rates of cyberbullying, violence, polarity, extremism and racism, yet clinicians rarely connect these dots. Screen centric homes, schools, clinics and communities require clinicians with a unified, trauma informed approach to begin the long journey back from screens toward engagement in healthy activities. Schools are creating Virtual Classrooms, and homes are creating Virtual Families, further alienating children from essential human connection and attachment that is the basis for optimizing child development, behavior and learning. Children are our future, yet choices made today raise the question: are the ways in which we are raising and educating our children with technology no longer sustainable?


Learning Outcomes


Who should buy and watch Webinar?

Principals, teachers, administrators, special education teachers, counsellors, school psychologists, social workers and clinicians (includes pediatric occupational and physical therapists and speech and language pathologists).  Reconnect Webinars are designed to be introductory level for principals, teachers and administrators, intermediate for counsellors, school psychologists and social workers and advanced for clinicians.

"I have known Cris Rowan as a colleague for many years. Like me, she is a pioneer. As a pediatric Occupational Therapist who recognized early on the damaging effects of screen overuse on children entering school, she has created a webinar series that will provide insight and information to all who engage with it, from teenagers to parents to professionals. I strongly recommend this series to you."


Disconnect to Reconnect

Impact of technology on child development, behaviour, and learning.



The Learning Paradox

Prioritizing foundations for child growth and success over screen use.


Finding the balance between virtual and real

Become a certified Screenbuster!

Find the balance between virtual and real.

Check out our free Technology Management webinar for teens

Become a certified Screenbuster!

Finding the balance between virtual and real.

Cris Rowan, BScOT, BScBi, SIPT

An outspoken critic on the impact of technology on human development, behavior, and productivity

Webinar creator Cris Rowan, is passionate about changing the ways in which humans use and interact with technology. Cris has developed a concept termed Balanced Technology Management (BTM) where humans strive to manage balance between healthy activity and technology.

She works globally and locally and has cross culture relevance from indigenous and developing communities. Cris is a visionary, who clearly sees that the ways in which humans are using technology are not sustainable, and the time to act is now. Activist, advocate, author, and prolific speaker, Cris helps people move from the virtual, back into the real world.