To achieve health of mind and body, people of every age require optimal functional ability to maximize health and productivity. Through assessment, treatment design and education, Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. offers insight into limitations to function, and recommends strategies to obtain optimal ability. Interventions and workshops/webinars are evidence based, research referenced and strategy focused.


Does your child have difficulty printing/reading?

Do they have trouble focusing on a task?

Does it feel like they’re never listening?

Find out how you can help your child.


Sore neck or back?

Carpal Tunnel?

Work stressing you out?

Pain is not only exhausting, it also reduces worker efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction.

Find out how to reduce pain and improve productivity.


Are you worried about your safety?

Have you recently fallen?

Are you unable to do the things that make you feel good?

Find out how you can feel better and do more.